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Meeting Minutes – May 2018

May 26, 2018 by Board Meeting No Comments

Board Meeting Minutes for 5/16/18 meeting at Go! Ice Cream

In Attendance: Emerson Delacroix, Sue Coles, Jo Brown, Karen Coleman, Alice Oakes

Absences include: Laura Pasek from A2, TB, Lindsey Schafer, Jeff Yoder

Old Business & Tasks:


  • All
  • Eliz


      • Does CSAM-PO carry board/officer insurance?  What documents does it file with MI and Feds?  Any? Ask Debbie Burr. or Pam Gillespie: 734-277-0030   Is this still an issue? EW will still try to find out the answer to this question and convey it to the BOD.


  • Emerson


      • Complete membership report –  – done
      • Attend MAOTB Meeting –  – not able to attend this past month
      • Write blog post about about what Emerson likes about hEY and what it has added to their life not done, but started!


  • Jeff


      • Upload Feb, Mar & Apr Meeting Minutes – done


  • Karen



  • Lindsey
  • Sue


    • Complete treasurer report –  – done



    1. Go over everyone’s tasks for last month
    2. Approve April minutes
      1. Approved
    3. Treasurer Report
      1. Total received since our last meeting 4.18.18: $67.94
      2. Total received in 2018: $8163.82
      3. 8 persons in AR (from 0 member in Accounts Receivable last month)
    4. Outreach Report
      1. 204 members, which is 7 more since our last meeting. (197). We’ve exchanged 5,815 hours which is 129 more since our last meeting (5,686).
      2. 6 person(s) applied this month. We have 4 applicants in pool awaiting the Orientation at Ollie.
      3. MAOTB Monthly Meeting Report: Emerson reached out to Detroit Pride to see if we/MAOTB could have a booth. Do we want one for Ypsi Pride? (Em can’t be at that table as they’ll be at another one.)
      4. Orientation held at Cultivate 4/22/18 where 6 people attended. Three new members were oriented and could be activated immediately! This took us to 201 members!


  • Orientation at Cultivate 4/25/18 where 1, Jared, attended; and I was able to activate Jared that night along with another member.


      1. Orientation at Ollie on 5/12. Deserie Simmons, Dave and Karen Coulter oriented.


  • Seed Starting & Swapping Workshop held at YDL-MI 5/5/18 taught by new member Jared Talaga. Just Jared and Lindsey attended.
  • Budget Bites Workshop hosted by Alice. Has to be rescheduled. New date TBD.


      1. Meal Swap Workshop held 5/12/18 at Emerson & Lindsey’s. 3 particpated. We want to do another one, mid-June. Alice will make event. Emerson will put on software.


  • Dine to Donate at Ollie Food + Spirits on 5/15/18 where $? Was donated thanks to their 15% donation. We haven’t heard yet on how we did.


    1. Willpower and Grace classes. Emerson asked Liz to lead. Lindsey M. offered to host. Still working out a good date for them.
  1. Carry-over Topic: 5th Anniversary Party –
    1. Ballot was sent 4/19/18 with 7 members to vote for. 26 people responded which is 12% of our total membership of 204.
    2. Call some restaurants and ask for donations to food.
    3. Ypsi Thrift donate some door prizes. Or $ off coupon.
    4. Em shared the invite on the software, and in the A2TB page.
  2. Carry-over Topic: NPNA Yardsale 6/2/18
    1. Emerson applied for our spot at Shaun’s
    2. Em also paid for an ad on the yardsale map. Asked Ellis to create.
    3. Need volunteers to staff the sale from 9-4. Need help with set-up and tear-down
      1. Alice volunteered Vera. Jo volunteered 1-2.
  3. Carry-over Topic: 4th of July parade,
    1. Emerson applied to secure our spot in the parade! We have to be there 10:30am.
    2. Hand out quarter-sheets with something taped to them – who can design? Em can print.
    3. Probably a 200 people.
  4. New Topic: hEY Brochure: has been translated into Spanish, but not formatted into the brochure. Maybe ask Bryan if he wants to do that.
    1. Leave at Dos Hermanos
    2. Leave at Guatemalan restaurant and bakery
  5. New Topic: 1st newsletter was sent yesterday!
    1. Jo is willing to do this weekly(ish) given how small it is.
    2. Decided we’d highlight a member who needs a pod, or at least extra attention
    3. Jo will write about/introduce the idea of pods
  6. Next Meeting: 6/20/18 at 6:30 at Go! Ice Cream.  


Tasks to do in the next month:


  • All:



  • Alice
  • Emerson


      • Complete membership report
      • Attend MAOTB Meeting
      • Write blog post about about what Emerson likes about hEY and what it has added to their life


  • Jeff


      • Upload Feb, Mar, & Apr Meeting Minutes


  • Jo


      • Interview Alice for newsletter.
      • Blog


  • Karen



  • Lindsey
  • Sue


    • Complete treasurer report
    • Update the budget


Parking Lotted or Floating Items:

    1. Carry-over Topic: Retreat
    2. Carry-over Topic: Auction
    3. New Topic: Getting new orgs, churches, etc
      1. ?
    4. Carry-over Topic: Crowdfunding


  • Carry-over Topic: Washtenaw County Alliance of Timebanks
  • Someone connect/attend Barrier Busters Meetings


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