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Meeting Minutes – November 2017

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Meeting Minutes for 11/15/17 meeting at Go! Ice Cream at 6:30pm

In Attendance:, Karen Coleman, Jeff Yoder, Sue Coles, Shelley Williams, Emerson Delacroix

Also Lindsey Schafer and Liz McGregor were in attendance as potential board members.

Absences include: Elizabeth Warren

Old Business & Tasks: Followed up on previous meetings tasks shown in blue.


  • Jeff


      • Ask Mark Maynard to blog auction
      • Re-contact Barrier Busters (help disabled people get services) to schedule presentation. Want Barrier Busters to join as an org.
        • They meet on the 4th Wed of each month. 3PM on weekdays so I can’t do this. Dec will be the 13th 1:30-3pm at WCC Morris Lawrence Bldg. Maybe Shelley can go.
      • Talk to Gary about joining the board
        • Email sent to Gary 11/14/17


  • Sue


      • Print outreach letters from Outreach Contact List on gDrive.  Need envelopes and stamps – Done
        • Sue added date of mailing. And then a column for who contacted them to follow-up.


  • Eliz


      • Talk to Anne about joining the board


  • Emerson


      • Write a random blog post
      • Post auction – make a pinned post about needing new board members – Done
      • Write TY on FB – Done


  • Karen


      • Write & send thank yous to donors who are not board members  – Done


  • Shelley





  • Go over everyone’s tasks for last month
  • Approve October minutes


      1. approved


  • Treasurer Report:  


      1. Total received this year $785.90 from 31 people.
      2. Auction income received: $125.51 PayPal, $84.50 check, and $167 cash =Total $377.01.
      3. 1 person in AR (was 4 members in Accounts Receivable)


  • Outreach Report


      1. 180 members, which is 3 more since our last meeting. (177). We’ve exchanged 5203 which is 25 more since our last meeting 5178).
      2. 4 people applied this month. We have 5 applicants in pool.
      3. Created FB Page and have group. Is there value in keeping the old group.
        1. Page for advertising – admin only
        2. Announce on FB Group to say we’re keeping it


  • MAOTB Monthly Meetings Report:


      1. Emerson didn’t attend


  • Carry-over Topic Auction:


    1. Shelley made an evaluation form which was brought to the meeting. Those who attended.
    2. We learned there’s decent community support for us and we got some cool stuff out of it.
    3. We could have the auction at the anniversary party. Or just do online online. Gift cards could be emailed for free and were bid on w/in a couple dollars of their face value.
    4. Karen suggested doing one regularly b/c we get 20 free items at a time.
    5. If we get a lot of items donated we can post for 2wks and then post the next batch for 2wks. Whatever wasn’t bid on, they can go into the next auction.
    6. We also had to pay $50 for the Sr. Ctr so a non-live event would be free too.
  1. Carry-over Topic: 5th Anniversary Party – arrange for the Sr. Ctr soon.  Think about 6/9/18. But that’s Emerson’s 1-year wedding anniversary so need to find a new date and need to pay.
    1. Emerson make a list of things: cake,game,
    2. New ideas: water sponges, Liz DMG giant Jenga and big connect-4
    3. Discuss auction results
  2. New Topic: Karen attended the presentation Elizabeth
  3. We do want another retreat. Similar style.
    1. Liz will send Doodle to find a time.
    2. Other Topics ideas: Getting new organizations (Lindsey brought up Gilbert Residence), or churches, help us figure out why we’re not recruiting outside our homogenous group.
  4. Next meeting on 12/13 at 6:30 at Go! IceCream.  Eliz via phone or skype (Elizmommy)


Tasks to do in the next month:

  • All
    • If you attended the auction, fill out evaluation and give/send to Shelley.
    • Watch presentation at
  • Jeff
    • Update hey Website: Board Members
    • Meeting Minutes
  • Sue
    • Actually put the letters in the mail
    • Add churches to the outreach list
    • Add senior living to the outreach list
  • Eliz
  • Emerson
    • Write a random blog post
      1. Update bylaws to change the annual meeting in May/June instead of April.
    • Change FB Page settings to admin posting only
    • Announce on FB Group to say we’re keeping it
    • Secure a date Senior Ctr for Anniversary Party
    • Post Shelley’s evaluation on the GB group and have folks
  • Karen
  • Shelley
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