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Meeting Minutes – September 2017

September 21, 2017 by Board Meeting No Comments

Meeting Minutes for 9/20/17 meeting at Go! Ice Cream at 6:30pm

In Attendance:, Karen Coleman, Jeff Yoder, Sue Coles, Elizabeth Warren, Shelley Williams, Emerson Delacroix

Absences include: Julianne Bonta

Old Business & Tasks: Followed up on previous meetings tasks shown in blue.


  • ALL


      • Ask for auction donations from members and/or community organizations. Then fill out spreadsheet.
        • Midtown Community garden for next year!
        • Elizabeth’s donations
          • Will contact Mix: no reply.  Sorry.
        • Emerson – DONE
          • The Eyrie is a yes – emailed Jeff certificate
          • Asked Go! Ice Cream – brought certificate
          • Asked Beezy’s which is a yes – brought certificate
        • Jeff will ask Cultivate and they donated a certificate
        • Shelley is working  on
          • asking about garden plots.  Not this year.  Consider for next year
          • Creating a “grab bag” – collect little things from multiple members to make a “basket” that people would bid on: has about $55 value so far.  Having trouble finding “masculine” items.  Karen has some Star Wars stuff she could donate.  Jeff to take a picture of an empty gift bag
          • food basket?  $31 value + Sue’s fruit pieces.  Another $18?
          • Thrift Shop?


  • Elizabeth



  • Jeff


      • Another tips post: If you are offering services that ordinarily charge for, we suggest that you limit the timeframes in which you will be available for this service for timebank hours.  Note the various options.
      • Go over transferring money from paypal to checking with Sue
      • Post Patricia’s blogpost Done 8/30
      • Begin online auction setup Done
      • Post auction on hEY gCalendar Done 8/30
      • Edit picnic flyer to make it for fall fundraiser.  Print on regular paper and give some to Karen and post locally. Done
      • Taxes for 2014 and 2015 update? Got back to Jeff. Needs IRS paperwork. Will do post-auction setup. Need to file by Oct 15th.
    • Sue


  • Karen



  • Julianne


      • Send Outreach letters –
      • Ask friend about auctions –


  • Emerson


    • Ask members to create or update their bio for a 1/2hr credit Did! But no one replied.
    • Emerson secure the date for Sr. Center Done,  paid the $50 and turned in signed contract. We have the space from 12:30-6
    • Emerson will post blog post an event page to fb and the software Done
    • Ask Patricia if we can use her statement as a blog post.  Then send it to Jeff to post. She said yes!




  • Go over everyone’s tasks for last month
  • Approve August minutes


      1. approved


  • Treasurer Report:  


      1. Total received this year $687.96 from 27.  (was $664.28 From 25 people in Sept). (Was $545.47 from 20 people in August)
      2. 4 people in AR on 10/18/17.  (was 22 members in Accounts Receivable)


  • Outreach Report


      1. 173 members, which is the same since our last meeting. (173). We’ve exchanged 5163 which is 108 more since our last meeting (5055).
      2. Was a zero for a minute! One person applied yesterday & one applied today. So 2 applicants in pool.
      3. Naomi has agreed to translate our brochure first into Spanish. Working on that now.


  • MAOTB Monthly Meetings Report:


      1. Emerson was in Urgent Care with an ear infection. But did learn that we can advertise the auction on the MAOTB site.
    1. Carry-over Topic: Fall Auction
      1. Online Sept 20-Oct 20. Live October 21, 2017
      2. Kay V. will take pictures for online auction
      3. Can we get a blurb in the Echo (EMU paper) or the Voice (UMich)?
      4. Limitations for the “FREE” auctions
        1. $40 to rid of advertisements which are confusing
        2. $60 to transition our online auction to a live auction – but we can do that manually
        3. $30 to add additional items
      5. Planning info
        1. Sherrie bringing coffee
        2. Sue is bringing tea and snacks
      6. Jeff will bring paper bidding sheets
      7. Eliz bring clip boards/cardboard-binder clip things
      8. Eliz bringing tape
      9. We decided we’ll end the bidding at 4pm. At 4:15 we’ll announce. People have 45mins to pay and get their stuff and leave.


  • New Topic: Liz Dahl-MacGregor has offered to facilitate another board retreat. Are we interested in doing this?


      1. Emerson found the last one invaluable and we do have one new face on the board, so could be beneficial?
      2. Jeff et. al say we’ll disucss after auction.


  • New Topic: Liz Dahl-MacGregor has offered to facilitate our month board meetings. We would have to move to a different Wednesday of the month if we wanted to do this. Discuss.


      1. We think no. But Julianne can continue to facilitate b/c it works well for her.
    1. New Topic: Elizabeth’s continuing involvement?
      1. Board voted that Eliz should remain as no other members have stepped forward to show interest. Eliz also offers legal support which is needed.


  • New Topic: How to attract new board members?


      1. Reach out to non-members, but folx with clout
        1. Eliz will talk to Anne
        2. Jeff will talk to Gary


  • Tabled items
  • New Marketing Materials


        1. See if EMU marketing department would take us on as a final project to rework all of our marketing materials
      1. Maybe hEY can get an intern like Michigan Alliance of Timeshares (MAOTB) has Could call in instead of going in person
    1. Carry-over Topic: 5th Anniversary Party – arrange for the Sr. Ctr soon.  Think about 6/9/18. Discuss
  1. Next meeting on 10/18 at 6:30 at Go! IceCream?  Eliz via phone or skype (Elizmommy)


Tasks to do in the next month:

  • All
  • Jeff
    • Take pic of bag of nothing
    • Add additional remaining auction items
    • Ask Mark Maynard to blog auction
    • Ask Nathanael to hype auction
    • Re-contact Barrier Busters to schedule presentation
  • Sue
    • Print outreach letters.  Need envelopes and stamps
  • Eliz
    • Put together “clipboards” and pens
    • Bring sticky grid newsprint pad
  • Emerson
    • Write a random blog post
    • Give half-hour to Sherrie and Eliz
  • Julianne
    • Send Outreach letters
    • Ask friend about auctions
  • Karen
    • Downtown H&G
    • TSC
  • Shelley
    • Put together the baskets for auction
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