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Meeting with Pat Berry on 1/25/2014

January 25, 2014 by Board Meeting No Comments

Jeff met with Pat on 1/25/2014. Very insightful!


Pat – University of Michigan fundraising


board members – burn out due to lack of clarity

the first donation is the beginning of a relationship

don’t take money and wait, develop a relationship with your donors

more cost effective to develop a relationship

don’t take money unless you have a plan on thank, steward (how will/did use the money), receipt

tell them how you used the money last year

it is harder work but is program building

business people as advisors or board members for their relationships and thought process



readings: donor centered fundraising burke, also has a blog

researcher good at market research for fund raisers

donor relations should be at the core

policy governments

taking a board of experts in the fields that you need

look at the next 5 years of needs and put those people on the board


Focus on the board!!

First stop and create a vision of the next 10 years to feel out what position

Clarity of what we want to achieve.

Board has to have a small amount of passion and more focus on the business

Balance of passion and business to keep on track

Look at why the other banks failed

Grant writer – Patricia Bigelow

Fund Raising


Volunteer coordination

Tie it all together


Spark east – Diana Wong at B-24s – training and organization – BUSINESS FIELD and Private consulting


Volunteer structure to train people for the board

See how they work

They will see what the board is doing so that when the time comes the will see how they can add value


Third party staffing instead of a full-time person at least at first



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