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No Money for 15 Years!

December 19, 2013 by Time Banking No Comments

local ypsi community, community building, strong ypsilanti, local time bankOne of our lovely members found this great article about a woman who has chosen to live without the use of money.

Heidemarie lives in Germany and at the age of 47  opened a small shop. Her idea was a small venture where folks could come and trade goods for skills. This way a homeless plumber could help someone with plumbing and in return he could get clothes or other needed items. This idea, that goods could be traded for skills, became very popular and in no time she decided to try to live entirely without money. She was 54 years old then and she was 69 at the writing of this article and was as happy as ever.

We aren’t suggesting that you go ahead and give up your home and your possessions to build our local Ypsilanti community. What we would like to do is propose an idea to you. Imagine that you have the freedom to do the things you love after work. That your weekends are spent working on your passion, your creativity, your love. All of the tasks that bog you down after work and on the weekend are done by someone else. All that you have to do is what you love to do for others.

The most difficult task is going to be finding out what you love to do. For some of us it may come naturally, for other’s it may be a rigorous task. I’ve spoken to a number of individuals who all have a hard time figuring out what they actually like to do that they could do for others. Most say “I don’t have any skill that I could contribute”. When was the last time that you were asked what you like to do and the person asking was genuinely interested in what you had to say?

hOur Exchange Ypsilanti is genuinely interested in you and the skills you have to contribute to our community. Join today and learn what others are contributing to your local time bank. Take a look around and maybe, just maybe, you’ll find that skill that lights you up inside. You may even find yourself looking forward to sharing it with other members!


Jeff, president and co-founder of hOur Exchange Ypsilanti, strives to bring community together through shared experience. He loves the city of Ypsilanti and wants to see it thrive.

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