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Our Reference Request

January 29, 2015 by Frequently Asked Questions No Comments

Why does hOur Exchange Ypsilanti require two references for new members?

I have been asked a lot about our reference requests for new members. It does require a bit of explanation so here goes.

spread the word about hEY

1. Spreading the word:

Our reference request form states the following at the beginning: “We are a non-profit organization and hOur Exchange that builds community. Every exchange is based on time. Members earn and spend hours, with every hour equal regardless of the service. We respect & value everyone, no matter what your given skill set or present circumstance may be.”

Asking for references is one of our main ways of spreading the word about exchanging hours instead of money. We really like the people that apply. If you say, “yeah, I want to do that” then you are just the kind of person we want sharing your gifts. We are equally as interested in the people that you respect enough to answer questions from our organization on your behalf. That you have chosen two people to tell us who you are says to them that you are interested in the time bank.

Spreading the word this way makes the organization stronger and more trustworthy. It is also quality advertisement for the exchange.

2. Showing other members that we care about trusthOur Exchange Ypsilanti

Our second reason is establishing trust from the beginning. We care about our members and want everyone to feel safe sharing their gifts with the community. Asking for references is our way of finding out more about the kind of person you are from two other people. We learn a little about what skills you are good at and like to do as well.

Trust is very important in the hour exchange. Some individuals are very private while others are very outgoing. We need to have a safe space for everyone so that individuals feel free to grow at the skills they love and be as helpful as they can.



If you have any more questions we are always here to help.

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