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To Share or Not to Share

December 31, 2014 by Local Time Bank No Comments

improveThe idea of sharing is a good one. It is easy to understand and communicate. Yet, why is it difficult to practice? Stepping outside of our comfort zone and making ourselves vulnerable is not an easy thing to do. The first few transactions I did with other members were the most difficult for me. For one of them I had to change a light fixture and I was worried about how it would go: Will I break it? Will I get shocked? Will I be embarrassed?

I’ve changed dozens of light fixtures and this one was just as easy as the rest but why was I so nervous? I was afraid of how I would appear because I am not a licensed electrician. I love the work and have plenty of experience but I have never done it professionally. I don’t want to be a professional electrician. I just really like doing the work. Our society tells us that the only help we should get is by “professionals”. What makes a professional? Experience yes, but more importantly: MONEY. A professional has to pay for classes and take expensive tests. Big jobs do require someone who has proven themselves in this way but small stuff like changing an outlet or a fixture are easy for anyone to do.

Not everyone wants to change a fixture however and this is where hOur Exchange Ypsilanti comes in. The Time Bank gives members the opportunity to build on their existing skills by engaging in trades with other members. I can change hundreds more fixtures than I could if I was just working on my own house. This will allow me to get better and eventually feel comfortable tackling bigger jobs if I want. The same goes for mending socks or folding laundry.

We are not all professionals at what we love to do but we should be able to get better. We don’t need to pay to improve our skills when we use the Time Bank, instead, we get paid in hours. We can then use those hours to help other members advance their know-how.

Share what you love doing with others and let others share what they love doing with you.

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