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November 7, 2014 by Time Banking No Comments

Bloom where you are planted

My partner and I recently sold our beloved house on Forest Ave. We then moved in with my father in Ann Arbor. We loved having access to all of the parks in his neighborhood but felt an overwhelming feeling of isolation. Almost all of our social activities are in Ypsilanti so we were finding ourselves constantly driving back and forth between Ypsi and Ann Arbor. Time Bank transactions in Ypsilanti would take an extra hour to complete due to travel time and we had to constantly arrange our schedules to try to stay in Ypsi for the maximum amount of time.

This isolated feeling was feedback. The feedback was saying “your community is in Ypsilanti, get back there!”. The rent was free at my dad’s house and his company was great but the loss of our sense of community was too strong. We found a great house for rent on Adams and immediately felt at home again. The day we moved in we ran into a dozen people that we knew and even had some spontaneous moving help!

When we took a breath after getting our stuff settled we realized that we’d been gone for only two months. I was shocked. That two months easily felt likeĀ four. Ypsilanti is my home, not just the house, not just the area, not just the people but ALL of it. My community is here, it is thriving, and it has a place for me. I serve my community because my community serves me.

In Ypsilanti I am nourished.

Join hOur Exchange Ypsilanti today and join in the nourishment!

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