9 Best Car Insurance Companies Of 2022

Car insurance companies offer different features and they are different from each other. We have analyzed over 10,000 drivers to access their car insurance experience, focusing on critical areas such as customer service, handling claims, and customer faithfulness. After utilizing the data, we have brought you the best car insurance companies for 2022 for your vehicle.

Which Car Insurance Company Is the Best?

Car insurance companies according to our 2022 statistics, the top car insurance company is USAA, but its insurance policies are exclusively available to military personnel. If that isn’t your choice, State Farm, which came in second in our research, is the next best option.

We looked at rate statistics and input from policyholders to find the best vehicle insurance carriers, emphasizing customer service, claims management, customer loyalty, and policy renewal. In addition, we asked survey respondents if they would suggest their current insurer to a driver looking for new coverage.

If you’re looking for auto insurance, this list might assist you in comparing insurers based on the most important criteria. Though USAA and State Farm lead the pack, one of the other eight firms in our ranking may be a better option for you best car insurance companies. As a result, before purchasing or renewing your policy, examining multiple insurers and their rates is a good idea car insurance companies near me.

Car Insurance Companies with the Best Ratings


Best Car Insurance Companies USAA

In our opinion, USAA is the best insurance provider. According to our survey from 2022, USAA customers are the most satisfied, and they are the most willing to renew their insurance and refer USAA to other drivers. In our survey, list of car insurance companies USAA had the lowest rates, exceeding the national average by 35% Best Car Insurance Companies.


  • Drivers have lower-than-average rates across the board.
  • Among other insurers, it is ranked first for customer service.
  • Customer satisfaction with claims handling is ranked second.


  • Only USAA members have access to this feature top car insurance companies.

2. State Farm

Best Car Insurance Companies State Farm

State Farm came in second in our study, with above-average marks in each subcategory. And State Farm also provides competitive rates, ranking third in our list of the Cheapest Car Insurance Companies of 2022. It is the finest insurer for drivers who aren’t qualified for USAA membership because of its high scores and inexpensive premiums Best Car Insurance Companies.


  • Overall, customer service and insurance renewal scores are excellent top 10 cheapest car insurance companies.
  • Most drivers have rates that are below average.


  • Drivers with bad credit face higher rates.

3. Farmers

Farmers Insurance

Farmers cheapest car insurance companies get high marks for customer service and claims management, which helps them tie for third place this year. It also ranks third in two subtracting categories, Customer Service and Claims Handling, and outperforms the industry average in Customer Loyalty and Most Likely to be Recommended. In our Most Likely to be Renewed category, Farmers, on the other hand, has higher-than-average rates and lower-than-average marks.


  • Customer service gets top scores.
  • And customer feedback indicates that claims are handled quickly.


  • The cost of premiums is greater than the national average.
  • According to survey statistics, customers are less likely to renew than the norm.

4. Geico

Best Car Insurance Companies Geico

Last year, Geico was ranked third, and in our 2022 analysis, it is tied for third. Their higher-than-average customer service score undoubtedly contributed to its ranking this year. Other important areas, such as Customer Loyalty and Most Likely to be Renewed, have average scores for Geico. Although its claims handling scores are somewhat below average, Geico’s rates, which are the second-lowest in our analysis classic car insurance companies, may make it a good choice for drivers searching for low-cost insurance.


  • This company has the second-lowest average rate compared to other companies in our survey.
  • For drivers with bad credit, the lowest rates are available.
  • The customer service rating is above average.


  • Customer loyalty is low local car insurance companies.
  • DUI drivers have higher-than-average rates.

5. Allstate

Best Car Insurance Companies Allstate 

This year, Allstate car insurance climbed three spots to No. 6, up from No. 9 last year. It scored slightly below average in most of our sub ratings, but that didn’t stop it from being ranked fourth in our Most Likely to be Recommended category. Allstate’s prices are among the highest in our review, although some drivers, such as those who have received a speeding ticket may find Allstate’s rates competitive.


  • Making a claim is simple.
  • Customer assistance is easily accessible.


  • Allstate off rates are higher than the national average
  • Scores for policy renewal that are below average

6. Travelers


Travelers made some progress this year, moving up two spots for sixth place. Although Travelers’ customer service score is lower than that of seven other insurers in our study, it ranks first in our Claims Handling sub rating category and third in our Most Likely to Be Renewed category. Travelers also obtain an above-average score for insurance renewal and typically lower premiums than the national average.


  • Based on customer survey data, we were rated No. 1 for claims handling.
  • The average insurance premium is lower than the national average.


  • According to policyholders, customer service is below average.
  • Customers are less inclined to suggest them than other insurance.

7. Progressive


In our study, Progressive is ranked eighth. Customers are generally delighted with the ease with which they may open a policy; however, Progressive ranks last in our Best for Customer Loyalty category and scores below average in every other sub-rating in our study. Customers of Progressive say they are less likely to renew their policies or suggest the company to other drivers. DUI offenders, on the other hand, may be able to save money with Progressive. In our study, the rates for those drivers are among the lowest.


  • California and New York drivers have low average premiums.
  • For drivers who have been convicted of a DUI, we offer competitive rates.


  • For teen drivers, the most expensive rates are offered by insurers.
  • Customer loyalty gets the lowest marks.

8. AAA


AAA car insurance is a newcomer to our list of Best Car Insurance Companies and is tied for eighth place with Progressive. In every category we looked at, it scored below average. It did, however, place sixth in our Most Likely to be Renewed category, beating out Allstate, Farmers, Progressive, and American Family. In our survey, AAA had the highest average premiums. However, drivers considering AAA should seek a quote to see if their particular rate is more reasonable Best Car Insurance Companies.


  • Discounts on premiums are available to help you save money.
  • There may be options for bundling policies how much is car insurance.


  • Except for teen drivers, the most expensive rates are for every driver group.
  • Customer service and claims handling received below-average ratings.

9. American Family

Best Car Insurance Companies American Family

This year, American Family has slid four positions to No. 10 in our rankings. In most sub-rating categories, it gets the lowest scores, yet American Family has a slightly higher score in our Best for Customer Loyalty area than Progressive. Despite low credit scores, American Family offers cheap rates to select drivers, including teen drivers, those with bad credit, and those who have been in an accident or have a DUI on their record.


  • Drivers with a DUI have the second-lowest rates full coverage car insurance.
  • Drivers with weak credit have lower-than-average rates.
  • Teen drivers had lower-than-average accident rates.


  • Customer service and claims processing have the lowest marks.
  • And customers have a lower likelihood of renewing their policies.
  • Customers are less inclined to refer their insurance companies to others.

Which Car Insurance Company Is the Best?

USAA is the top overall vehicle insurance company, according to our data and consumer poll results. USAA insurance products, on the other hand, are only available to active and retired military personnel and their families. In our survey, State Farm came in second, making it the top car insurance carrier for drivers who aren’t USAA members.

Even though USAA and State Farm are at the top of the rankings, it’s a good idea to look into and compare multiple insurers that made our Best Car Insurance Companies of 2022 list. This can assist you in locating coverage that meets your requirements geico car insurance.

In addition, based on consumer feedback, USAA swept all five of our sub-rankings. However, not all policyholders will be eligible for membership with USAA. As a result, the runner-up in each category has been determined so that all consumers can learn about the best alternative in each of these areas.

If price is a major consideration, obtaining and comparing auto insurance quotes is critical. Even though our study included average prices, your specific auto insurance quote will be determined by factors such as age, location, driving record, credit score, and choose kind and amount of coverage, among others. A quote can assist you in estimating costs accurately and determining which insurance offers the best price.

USAA and State Farm are the best in terms of customer service.

State Farm and USAA are ranked first and second, respectively. Sixty-five percent of USAA customers who haven’t filed claims say their customer service experience has been excellent. Customers who have filed a claim say that roughly 64 percent of USAA customers are extremely satisfied with the insurer’s customer service state farm car insurance.

If you’re not eligible for USAA coverage, State Farm can be a good option. Nearly 60% of State Farm customers who haven’t filed a claim say they were extremely pleased with their customer service. State Farm, like USAA, has slightly lower customer satisfaction scores among customers who have filed a claim. In the poll, 56% of respondents said they were entirely satisfied with their customer service experience.

Farmers, Nationwide, and Geico all had above-average customer service ratings.

Travelers are the best for handling claims types of car insurance companies.

Travelers take the top rank in this category. Claims handling is a crucial component of any insurance policy, and Travelers takes the top spot in this category. It receives a 4.3 out of 5 ratings, making it the only insurer to dethrone USAA, which tops the pack in every other category we looked at. Nearly 62 percent of Travelers customers are satisfied with the ease with which they can file a claim, and 65 percent are completely satisfied with the speed with which their claims are resolved car insurance near me.

Farmers, Nationwide, and State Farm, scored above average in claim handling.

USAA car insurance and Nationwide are the most likely to be recommended cheap car insurance companies.

With low rates and high scores in every category progressive car insurance, it’s no surprise that USAA customers are the most inclined to suggest their insurer to other drivers in the market for coverage.

53% of USAA customers who have not filed a claim say they are very likely to refer the insurer, with another 18% stating they are likely to suggest the company. Customers of USAA are much more inclined to recommend their insurer after making a claim. Sixty-one percent of individuals we polled say they are very likely to refer the insurance progressive car insurance, while another 8% say they are inclined to do so the general car insurance.

If you don’t have access to USAA, consider Nationwide car insurance online. Customers who have not filed a claim say they would recommend Nationwide to other drivers 31% of the time, with another 41% saying they are likely to do so. Customers who have submitted a claim boost Nationwide’s score. Forty-two percent say they are very likely to refer their insurance, while 32 percent say they are very likely to do so.

State Farm and Allstate are two other insurers that did well in this category.

USAA and State Farm are the most likely to renew their contracts. The desire of a policyholder to renew their insurance might reveal a lot about their relationship with an insurer. USAA has the greatest customer loyalty score, just one point ahead of State Farm.

Consumers who haven’t filed a claim believe they are likely or very likely to renew their coverage, according to 78 percent of USAA customers. Nearly 70% of those who have filed a claim in the poll say they would recommend USAA to other drivers.

As previously stated, USAA insurance policies are only available to certain people. If you don’t qualify for membership, State Farm, which ranks second in our Most Likely to be Renewed subtracting, is a good option cheapest full coverage car insurance.

According to our study, 76 percent of State Farm customers who have not filed a claim say they are likely or very likely to renew their insurance with their existing insurer. The percentage of respondents who have made a claim falls to 69% good car insurance.

USAA and Nationwide are the best for customer loyalty.

Customer loyalty refers to a policyholder’s readiness to recommend and renew their insurance coverage. It’s no surprise that USAA achieves first place in this sub-rating, given its outstanding renewal and recommendation scores. Consider Nationwide if you aren’t eligible for USAA. It comes in second place in our Most Likely to be Recommended category and gets above-average ratings in our Most Likely to be Renewed category.

State Farm, Travelers, and Farmers have surpassed the industry average for client loyalty.


Who has the most affordable auto insurance?

Our most recent data research shows that USAA and State Farm are the best auto insurance companies. In our customer poll, USAA received the greatest overall score and placed top in practically every sub-rating. It also boasts the lowest prices of all the vehicle insurers we looked at.

Military personnel is the only ones who can buy USAA merchandise. State Farm, which has the second-highest score in our assessment and cheaper premiums than the national average, is likely to provide the best coverage for drivers who don’t fall into that category.

Farmers, Nationwide, and Geico, are among the other insurers with above-average survey scores.

Which Car  insurance policy is the most affordable?

According to our 2022 analysis, USAA provides the cheapest vehicle insurance. Its average annual rate is $1,000, $539 lower than the national average. Geico will likely have the best rates for drivers who don’t qualify for USAA coverage. Geico’s average annual premium is $1,148, which is $391 less than the national average.

Remember that an insurer’s typical rate may not be the same as yours. Obtaining and comparing quotes from various insurers is the best approach to finding the lowest rates available to you.


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