What You Should Know About Plinko Crypto Game

So you’ve seen the Spribe Plinko game at Winz.io casino, but you need help with how to play it or what it’s all about?

This Plinko tutorial will lear you all you want to know about the Plinko game online, how to play it, and how to have the most fantastic time!

What is Plinko?

Plinko crypto game fans and gamblers have been playing for some time now is a top title that is extremely easy to enjoy and one that you may already have an idea of.

Those who have seen “The Price is Right” will undoubtedly know this game!

Indeed, the game is based on the popular American TV show, which has spawned countless variations throughout the globe, with the Plinko game playing an actual game in the show’s success.

The plinko gambling game’s fundamental principle is to drop various colored discs into the machine and watch them fall to the bottom, hoping they will land in the different colored numbers that have been pre-bet on.

What is the best way to play Plinko?

Of course, the primary purpose of our Plinko tutorial is to teach you all you need to know to enjoy this high-quality title. There are three distinct rows, each of which is colored differently. The first of these rows is green, the second is yellow, and the third is red.

There are also several different pins to choose from, with 12, 14, and 16 pins available. Furthermore, each row has 13, 15, and 17 squares, depending on the number of pins used. Each square will have a number that will serve as a multiplier.

Green multipliers range from 0.5x to 11x, yellow multipliers range from 0.3x to 25x, and red multipliers range from 0x to 141x.

14 pins see green have multipliers ranging from 0.5x to 18x, yellow has 0.2x to 55x, and red has 0x to 353x!

The green row of 16 Pins contains multipliers ranging from 0.4x to 35x, the yellow row from 0.2x to 118x, and the red row from 0x to 555x.

Now that you know the many possibilities available horse plinko, players must pick how much they want to bet, the number of pins, and the color they feel the discs will fall into. When the game starts, the disc will continue to pass through the pins until landing on a square of the same color, albeit this is not guaranteed. The appropriate multiplier of the square in which it landed is then added to the bet amount, and the ultimate reward is given!

Is there anything unusual about this Plinko game?


This game has some distinct unique elements, many of which bettors have already had the opportunity to explore. The first is the ‘Provably Fair‘ feature provided by this plinko board game.

Because bitcoin may be used to play this title, players can legitimate and validate their gaming experiences with this Spribe Plinko title by using blockchain technology to check for fairness. There is also an autoplay mode that may be used to either speed up the game or provide an element of surprise.

Players can choose two or three of the available colors, and the discs will continue to fall until the game is halted or the betting account runs out of dollars. Furthermore, three distinct degrees of volatility may be selected while playing this game, making Plinko a unique and remarkable title.

Players will notice that the colors reflect each level, with green being the least perilous, yellow being in the center, and red being the most dangerous. The big the risk, the greater the reward!

What more do you need to complete know about Plinko?

This Plinko tutorial would only be complete if it said that this game’s return to player (RTP) rate is 97%, and the most significant win attainable is 555x the bet!

With a maximum prize of 555x the bet possible, it’s also worth noting that up to 100 credits may be bet on a single bet, allowing for a total of 55,000 credits to be won! Furthermore, players at Winz.io may enjoy this game with various cryptocurrency possibilities, enabling gamers to have control and the opportunity to wager with their favorite options. 

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